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International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (IJPT) is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and takes all possible measures against publication malpractice.

Authors who submit the manuscript must undertake that:

  • The manuscript submitted is based on original work and has not been published so far/ is not under consideration for   publication elsewhere.
  • The manuscript is their own, that it has not been copied or plagiarized, in whole or in part, from other works.
  • The authors have disclosed all potential conflict of interests associated with the work.

In case, plagiarism is detected during review/editorial process, such manuscript’s will be rejected immediately and we can also consider other steps depending upon the seriousness of the case.

If the plagiarism is proven after publication, such manuscript’s will be removed from our website and appropriate announcement will be placed in this regards.

Further, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (IJPT) can bring such instants in notice of author’s funding agencies, author’s institutes (where they works) and to the original authors whose work has been plagiarized.

Please report the plagiarism to